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We hope you enjoyed our March newsletter where we looked at the MIS market and VAT on school fees in the independent school sector.

This month, it’s the perfect time for a spring clean and by that, I mean a job-hunting spring clean! We’re jumping in with candidate advice on keeping your CV up-to-date, managing your LinkedIn profile, and dealing with larger job boards such as Reed, Monster, CV Library, and others.

I hope you find the tips useful! As ever, please leave me any feedback at info@esp-recruit.co.uk.

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In our line of work, we see hundreds of CVs as you might expect. How many do you think are out of date? Sadly, a very high number! What can you do to ensure you stand out in a crowded market and have a crisp, up-to-date CV?

CV Tips

  1. Add new job roles up to the date that you submit your CV for a role
  2. Add relevant CPD and certificates in the Skills section
  3. Check your Interests and Hobbies section, have you missed something?
  4. Add any new skills you have learned
  5. Remove out-of-date information

Make sure you can respond quickly when a relevant vacancy becomes available. It is also easier to see any training gaps or knowledge gaps you may have.

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To learn more about keeping on top of your CV and putting your best foot forward, check out these links.

Like your CV, your LinkedIn profile is the first impression a hiring manager may get of you as a person, your skill set, and your professional experience. When we receive candidate CVs, they are often completely different from their LinkedIn profiles! Your CV and LinkedIn profile should match and show a professional and complete profile with your whole work history and skill set.

Here are some key tips…

  1. Keep your LinkedIn profile current this is essential for job hunters.
  2. Regularly update your LinkedIn profile with your latest achievements, experiences, skills, and qualifications. Add any certificates you have gained through training and CPD at work.
  3. Upload a professional photograph that reflects the industry you’re in or the job you’re seeking. A clear, high-resolution headshot with a neutral background is ideal. Steer away from photos of you with your mates, pictures with silly headwear on, etc…yes, we have seen it all!
  4. Craft a compelling headline and summary of your expertise, skills, and career aspirations. Use relevant keywords to increase your visibility in searches. Add a concise, engaging summary highlighting your unique value proposition, career objectives, and key achievements. This should be tailored to reflect your career goals.
  5. Update all your job titles, descriptions, and accomplishments for each position you’ve held. Focus on quantifiable achievements and use action verbs to demonstrate your impact. There’s no point saying, ‘I achieved significant growth’. You need to state by how much and what the comparison is. eg 70% growth year on year for 2 consecutive years.
  6. Keep your skills section up-to-date with relevant skills that showcase your expertise. Seek endorsements from colleagues, mentors, and managers to validate your proficiency.
  7. Actively engage with your network by liking, commenting on, and sharing relevant posts and articles. Join industry groups and participate in discussions to expand your network and visibility.
  8. Request recommendations from supervisors, colleagues, or clients who can speak to your skills and work ethic. Personalised recommendations add credibility to your profile.
  9. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile remains professional at all times. Avoid sharing controversial opinions that may be negatively perceived by potential employers.
  10. Regularly log in to LinkedIn to stay updated on industry trends, job opportunities, and networking events. Engage with connections and share relevant content to stay top-of-mind.

We see loads of candidates who have uploaded their CVs to the larger job boards such as Reed, Monster, CV Library and others.  Often, candidates do not realise that they uploaded a CV to these platforms years ago and they still have their information which is now completely out of date.

Here are our top tips for managing your CV on these platforms:

  1. Regular Updates: It’s essential to keep your CV up-to-date with your latest skills, experiences, and qualifications. Set a little reminder to review and update your CV every few months.
  2. Tailor Your CV: Tailor your CV for each job application. Highlight the most relevant skills and experiences for that particular role. Using relevant keywords is also a good idea!
  3. Privacy Settings: Check privacy settings on job boards to control who can view your CV. Many candidates forget about this and leave old data available to hiring managers.
  4. Alerts and Notifications: Sign up for email alerts or notifications from job boards to receive updates on new job postings matching your criteria. This is a quick way to stay informed.
  5. Remove Outdated Information: If your contact information or employment status changes, make sure to update your CV. If you’ve found a new job or are no longer seeking employment, remove your CV to put a stop to those unwanted messages.
  6. Monitor Activity: Keep track of the activity on your CV, eg: views and applications. This can show you important insights into how well your CV is performing.
  7. Network: Networking remains one of the most effective ways to find opportunities. Attend industry events, join professional groups on social media, and connect with professionals in your field to uncover hidden job opportunities.

Happy job hunting!

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