We intended to do this yearly but the Covid paused it. A lot has happened since in terms of pay and conditions including the “great resignation”, rise of hybrid working, quiet quitting and the wage inflation of mid 2022. We are really excited to run the salary survey again in early 2023, giving you valuable … Continue readingIn early 2020 we ran the UK’s first ever “IT in Education Salary Survey”.

We seem to have an issue with attaching CV’s via the drop off button or on individual jobs via the ESP website. Our tech wizards are looking into this but please feel free to email the CV to and we’ll come back to you asap

Negotiating salary and benefits with a company is an important part of the job offer process. Here are some steps and strategies to help you negotiate effectively: Research and Preparation: Before the negotiation: Research the industry standards salary ranges for similar positions company’s financial health Determine your own market value by considering: Timing: Wait for … Continue reading “How to Negotiate Salary and Benefits”

Our main recruiting hot take at Bett 2022 (aside from being a superspreader B(ett)’ovid event 😉) There is currently an IT expertise brain drain happening in Edutech… Companies that supply schools and MAT’s with ICT service like Managed Service or annual support contracts are all, seemingly without exception, recruiting heavily to replace staff that are leaving the … Continue reading “The Edutech brain drain..”

It’s just incredible what ALL school staff have done this last academic year From managing whole school mass testing, to co-ordinating home and on premises learning, from selflessly undertaking tonnes of outside of work time mass communications, to dealing at extremely short notice with Government direction (and mis-direction). Across the board from Heads and Academic … Continue reading “Thanks to All this summer 2021”

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