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Our bespoke advertising packages mean we craft your job advertisements to your needs and then place them in the most relevant channels to ensure quality candidates apply for your open positions.

The economical packages we offer mean you can remove costly job listings on websites that may not bring forward the candidates you need. With our expertise and bespoke advertising services, you will have the right candidates for the right roles quickly and efficiently. 

Advertising Package Options

Basic Package

We place your advert (or our advert if requested), on all our current channels and will then forward to you all candidates without doing any filtering. 

Timesaver Package

We place your advert (or our advert if requested), on all our current channels and filter candidates. We will then forward to you those who match your criteria. We will not make any direct contact with applicants, leaving that step for you. 

Premium Package

We place the advert on all our channels as above, filter unsuitable candidates, make contact with suitable candidates, and brief them about the role to judge suitability before forwarding those candidates who meet the criteria for the role. 

Channels Used

  • Indeed 
  • Reed
  • Spot a Job 
  • Google Jobs
  • Facebook groups 
  • X
  • LinkedIn 
  • ESP monthly newsletter
  • ESP website

Benefits of Our Advertising Packages

✅Remove tiresome administration of job board adverts

✅Greater and more focused reach 


✅Quick candidate response

✅Candidate pre-screening

✅Better pool of candidates

With our advertising services, it’s like having a dedicated talent acquisition team specialised in the education sector at your fingertips! Boost your reach to potential employees while allowing your staff to focus on greater priorities.

ESP Candidate Sourcing Service

Purchase full days of proactive candidate outreach to potential candidates meeting your criteria. We use national job boards, our database, (14K candidates) and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate matched candidates who we then contact on your behalf.  

This package includes time, materials and expertise in attraction and outreach plus the time spent in subsequent days replying to candidates who responded. The service is based on a commitment of at least 3 months. Book 2 or more days per month and we will include 1 FREE Premium advert pack.

  • ESP does not commit to placing a candidate
  • Retainer fee pays for talent acquisition expertise
  • 1/2 day extra billed for discovery meetings, ad reviews, hiring process and Job Descriptions
  • Days will be scheduled to suit both parties
  • Invoicing is at the start of each month with 14-day payment terms

Costs Vs Contingency Fees

This is an advantageous cost model! A 3-month/2-day-a-week commitment, 6 days of intense candidate sourcing and 3 advertised roles, would cost significantly less than a ‘percentage of salary’ model. 

Other Benefits

✅Brand recognition

✅Promoting your company as an employer of choice 

✅No additional cost

✅Potential to hire multiple candidates without additional recruitment costs

✅Work in partnership, be better able to gain dynamic feedback on salaries, competition, etc.

✅Grow your candidate pipeline for future vacancies

Want to know more?

Please be in touch with us to discuss your advertising needs, we will work out the most cost-effective solutions for you. 

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