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Your Premier Partner for Leadership Talent in Education

Our extensive knowledge of the education sector ensures we are your ideal partner to find exceptional leadership talent for your organisation. Our expertise in detailed search and candidate assessment ensures we uncover leaders who will drive excellence in your organisation be that a school, MAT, educational group or business. 

Our team has years of experience in placing high-calibre candidates and we understand the opportunities and challenges of the roles we place candidates into.

Our Tailored Approach

  • Do you need support to define your IT, data and finance leadership positions?
  • Do you need expert help to identify and shortlist the best candidates? 

Our uniquely focused experience assists in defining role duties and pinpointing exceptional candidates to take forward to interview. Because we are a small team, each with extensive education sector experience, we treat each client as a unique partnership. Being a small team allows us to offer this level of personal service.

Tailored Client Support 

ESP can work with your marketing team to produce your own comprehensive and creatively designed candidate pack, ensuring candidates have all the information they need before the interview. 

You will receive enticing advertising copy plus any additional documentation a candidate would need to make an informed decision regarding their application. This can include detailed job descriptions, backgrounds on client organisations, how you work, employee benefits and any other information relating to the organisation that will help a potential candidate.

ESP manages all the candidate applications and pre-selection communication. We engage in candidate shortlisting and assessment to ensure you are presented with outstanding candidates for interview. 

No two organisations are the same and we personalise our service and delivery based on your client needs. 

Deep and Wide Sector Search 

The ESP Search service gives you the commitment that a deep and extensive candidate search has taken place. This means we not only search the education sector but also complementary and contrasting sectors to ensure as wide a reach as possible. This enables us to identify the very best candidates. 

The team maintains an extensive database of potential candidates who have provided us with their details. This is updated regularly so we can access a professional talent pool that we have carefully created over the years, providing skilled potential applicants. 

Our comprehensive candidate search and screening process will deliver you with the best potential candidates for interview.  

Diverse Talent Pool and Candidate Management

At ESP, we adhere to diversity and inclusion policies and are proud to present our clients with rich and diverse talent pools. We look for expertise and skill set and our wide search criteria ensure we get the most advanced candidates for you to consider regardless of their background, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other characteristic. 

From initial contact, through the application process, interviews and post-placement support, we handle all candidates with the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and confidentiality. 

Our client and candidate shortlisting and assessment process is rigorous so that you can relax knowing your leadership search is in good hands. 

Our communication management with both successful and unsuccessful candidates is exceptional because we ensure timely and efficient communications with all interested parties.

Post Placement Management

Once we place a candidate into an organisation, we maintain regular communication with them to ensure they are happy and thriving in their new role. We also maintain open communication with the client and this ensures long-term success and the longevity of the partnership. 

National and International Clients

We partner with educational institutions both in the UK and internationally and are committed to delivering exceptional leadership talent to meet specific client needs. We have experience placing candidates into key leadership positions within Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. 

Data and IT leadership roles play an important part in being at the forefront of technology implementation and strategy within leading educational institutions and we handle many senior appointments, often sitting within SLT teams. These can be career-defining positions that allow a candidate to make a significant impact in their role, grow their technical expertise and lead IT strategy development within international organisations. 

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