In early 2020 we ran the UK’s first ever “IT in Education Salary Survey”.

We intended to do this yearly but the Covid paused it. A lot has happened since in terms of pay and conditions including the “great resignation”, rise of hybrid working, quiet quitting and the wage inflation of mid 2022.

We are really excited to run the salary survey again in early 2023, giving you valuable feedback on your package and working conditions as well as gaining useful insight for our service and clients

But before we launch we wanted to ask your opinions on what questions you are most interested in, which perhaps we missed before or have arisen since 2020

Our initial survey asked about:

Establishment type and phase

Geographical area

Full Time/Part Time/TTO and Total Financial Package

Type of pension and Holiday Entitlement

Position/Job Title and Length of time in post

Additional duties over and above the JD

Training budget

Does pay match your industry expectations

Does pay match IT industry expectations

Have you considered leaving in the last 12 months

Any other comments

2020 Survey participants suggested we include:

Equality questions, about LBTQ+ and if that has an impact

Hours worked per week (not sure if this is paid or unpaid)

Pay gap

Comparison against geographical cost of living

Technical skills covered by the role (not sure how achievable this is)

Pupil to IT staff ratios in your school

WFH, hybrid working flexibility?


Flexibility and/or progression


Parity (I assume in terms of conditions) with teaching staff colleagues

Ask the question “Given the answers above, why do you choose to work in education?” *my personal favourite


An increasing number of IT positions have an IT related allowances for staff to purchase equipment for home. It would nice to see if this applied to any positions as I feel we completed more work at home using our own equipment. (Back then perhaps a marginal question but with more home workers now, could be more relevant)

And finally comparison to other local IT roles

So what would you like to be included?

What new way of working do you have or would you like to have?

What information would be useful for you to know?

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