Hiring the Right Candidates for Senior IT Positions

  • February 20, 2024
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About the school

St George’s Weybridge is a leading independent co-ed Catholic day school for children ages 3-18 years. It offers an exceptional, values-led education
in a leafy Surrey setting. The school develops confident individuals and instills a love of learning that ensures students reach or exceed their potential.

We spoke with Jo Lander, Head of Human Resources at St George’s College and Junior School, Weybridge.

Download the PDF of the Case Study here.

How did you start working with ESP?

A few years ago I heard of ESP and it was great to find an education-specific recruitment consultancy. They understand the education sector
and we developed a great working relationship. They started to place a few
candidates for us and then we used them again for more senior IT roles.

Did it make it easier for you to find good candidates?

Yes absolutely, a lot of preliminary screening is done by ESP. The candidates we see then have a good understanding of the school and what we are looking for. Yes, it is about a time saving for me. ESP has become the bridge between us and the candidates. It takes a few years to fully develop that.
We trust ESP to go out to the market and we know they will give us very honest feedback.

What support was ESP able to offer during the interview process?

ESP has been able to help us with the more senior IT roles in our school. Steve is great at providing a really detailed picture of candidates and this really helps us in the interview process as we are armed with knowledge. In practical terms, we take over once they’ve found the right talent. ESP keeps the candidates engaged and keen! Keeping both parties well informed is crucial.

Does ESP follow up with candidates?

After a candidate has joined the school, ESP keeps in touch with them and checks how they are doing in their new role and ensures they are happy and settled.

What three words would you use to describe your experience with ESP?

  • Trusted
  • Reassuring
  • Professional

Would you recommend ESP to others?

Yes, we’ve got an established relationship now and I would recommend them to others and I do indeed do that. If people are looking for an agency they can trust, that’s ESP!

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