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  • February 20, 2024
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About the school

St George’s in Weybridge is a leading independent co-ed Catholic day school for children ages 3-18 years. It offers an exceptional, values-led education in a leafy Surrey setting. The school develops confident individuals and instills a love of learning that ensures students reach or exceed their potential.

We spoke with Tadhg Nicoll-Webb, Head of Digital Teaching and Learning about his positive recruitment journey into St. George’s with ESP.

Download the PDF of the Case Study here.

What was the recruitment process like with ESP?

Throughout the process, ESP was absolutely incredible. The team would reply to my emails straight away. Their communication was always very friendly and kind which really took the edge off what can be a nerve-racking time for both parties. Steve was like my cheerleader, even emailing me on the morning of the interview to say ‘you’ve got this’ and offer support. The care from the beginning of my journey to the end has been amazing, I am so grateful.

What support were the ESP team able to give you during the interview process itself?

They were always on hand for anything I needed, I could just drop them a message. It was a lovely, holistic process all the way through.

Did using ESP cut down the time it took you to find a job?

Oh definitely! It was thanks to ESP reaching out to me that I have my position now and I could not have dreamt of getting a better job! It is perfect for me, I have total job satisfaction.

Was ESP’s knowledge of the ed-tech sector helpful?

Yes definitely, I had almost like a mock interview with William. It was really good because I was speaking with someone with extensive ed-tech sector knowledge who also understood the needs of the school. It helped me to feel confident going into the interview.

What three words would you use to describe your experience with ESP?

  • Nurturing
  • Communicative
  • Seamless

Would you recommend ESP to others?

Oh, without a doubt, if only more people could have a recruitment experience like I did!

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