Timetabling Service | How We Saved One School 2 Months of Time!

  • May 20, 2024
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We caught up with the Deputy Head of a large secondary school, part of a multi-academy trust, that uses the ESP timetable service.

After the departure of a Deputy Head, our school was left with an incomplete timetable. Our 800-student school had insufficient software knowledge to complete the timetable. We contacted a few third parties offering school timetable assistance. ESP responded quickly and took time to understand the school’s needs and situation. This impressed the school and ESP was selected to help.

Download the PDF of the Case Study here.

How did ESP assist you?

Year 1: The main assistance was to pick up and complete the unfinished timetable. This was completed very efficiently.

Year 2: The school team was more informed and better equipped to use the software but still required some support and advice.

Year 3: ESP completed the upskill of school staff. We now set up and complete our own timetable. ESP guided us on the use of specific functions within Nova T6, the timetabling software and assisted with the set up of a fortnightly timetable, problem-solving and how to use certain methods and routines.

What are the longer-term benefits?

Giving the team the right coaching and guidance has been invaluable in upskilling staff so that we are now fully self-sufficient in creating and managing our own timetable. We are grateful to ESP for their time and expertise in getting us to this point and would highly recommend their service to other schools.

  • Customised Service Tailored to meet the unique requirements of each school.
  • Expert GuidanceEnsures the curriculum is effective and cost-efficient.
  • Time-SavingFrees up senior staff during peak periods.
  • Experienced Timetabling – Leverages years of expertise across various educational settings.
  • Flexible and Guaranteed Adapts to changes with a commitment to timely delivery, integrates seamlessly with MIS systems and offers optional training for staff.

“In terms of time saved, this service has been invaluable. A job that took 3 months now takes a month! A huge time-saving in a busy school where time is precious.”

Outsourcing timetable construction is common for schools. Our competitive service means you are not relying on one individual but a team. You’re in safe hands!’ William Townsend, Managing Director, ESP Recruitment

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